Property type:
 Property region: 
In mountain
In ski resort
On the Sea
In Black Sea Resort
Mineral wather & In SPA
In Village
In City
1 bedroom flat
2 bedroom flat
Under 10 000
10 001 - 20 000
20 001 - 30 000
30 001 - 40 000
Over 40 000
House Flour
Town of Plovdiv, Old town
House floor,
160 sq.m., 1 floor
code 00401
185,000.00 EU
Plovdiv District, Sokolitca
57 dk.,
code 10-Г-1
85,000.00 BGN
Plovdiv District, Zelenikovo
80 dk.,
code 10-Г-2
500.00 BGN
Town of Plovdiv, Centre
103 sq.m., 6 floor
code НК 15
131,500.00 EU
Plovdiv District, Trud
4370 sq.m.,
code 10-Г-2
22.00 EU
Plovdiv District, Trud
2000 sq.m.,
code 10-Г-3
25.00 EU
  Buyer’s Guide  
About Bulgaria
Why invest
Buyer's guide
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Free time
Bulgaria is a hot investment area at that moment but the simple fact is that many of the people who want to buy property know little or nothing about the country.

Our team has put a lot of effort in gathering information about Bulgaria that we hope you will find useful

When buying a property abroad one has to take into account many other things than just price and location : cost of life, local climate, roads, law system, health system, tourist attractions and places, bank system, methods of payment, etc. One may be buying a holiday home to use for a week or two, others may retire and move to Bulgaria permanently because of much cheaper cost of life.
 Buying a property in Bulgaria
Foreigners can buy buildings, the right to build and other land related rights such as the right of use and passage, but cannot buy land.

Please check this before any purchase. Foreign judicial and physical persons can however acquire land via Bulgarian registered company. We can help you organize this once you have decided to purchase. The legislative intention is to provide this opportunity to foreign persons who intend to engage in commercial activity in Bulgaria.

The restriction on land ownership on foreigners, as established by the Constitution of 1991 is now publicly discussed and is likely to be modified or lifted in the accession to the EU. We will keep all our clients informed on any developments. Any change towards less restrictive legislation is likely to increase property price.
 Easy steps
- Browse the properties
- Contact us to request more information, to check availability ( the market is very dynamic and there is no guarantee the property you have chosen will be available to arrange a viewing trip)
- Visit Bulgaria and view your chosen properties ( or a selection closely matching your stated criteria)
- When you have settled upon a property sign a preliminary contract of purchase and put down a 10% deposit. ( If the property is with land you have to register a company or you can authorize Inter Argument to do that on your behalf and in your name – see Charges and fees)
- Finalise the payment ( usually in about 4 weeks when the company's registration has gone through and the legal administrative process has been completed)
- Receive the ownership documents ( Notary Deed)
 Charges and fees
- If you want to buy
Agency commission
Our agents commission covers many important services which we provide for the buyer during the process of purchase – such as: solicitor's assistance, full check on the title deeds and the ownership, preparation of all necessary contracts, paperwork, communication costs, etc. We protect the rights of the buyer! Inter Argument charges 3% Agent's commission but not less than 500 E payable at the signing of the preliminary contract of purchase when you are to place a deposit of 10% of the purchase price to receive your chosen property and withdraw it from the market. If after this point you change your mind you will lose the deposit and the commission (they are not refundable), however if the seller for any reason withdraws from the transaction they must pay back double the amount of your 10% deposit.

Our practice shows that most of the properties are being sold very quickly due to the booming market in Bulgaria . If you find a property on our website that you really want to own, we recommend that you reserve that property by placing a deposit to secure it and arrange viewing later in order to avoid disappointment.
Viewing trips
The number of the properties that can be viewed per a day depends on their location. If for the viewing trips you use Inter Argument's car, you pay 20 E per 100km., which is equal to the rates charged by the taxi companies in Bulgaria.

If you buy a property with Inter Argument we will subtract the viewing trip fees from the Agency fee – therefore your viewing trip will be free for you.

Inter Argument does not provide flights, we are not a travel agency, but we do offer free advice on which Airlines offer flights and best prices.

Inter Argument can also assist you to find accommodation during your stay in Bulgaria for the viewing trip. When you go for a viewing trip with Inter Argument, your guide will pick you up and return you to your hotel, the airport or wherever is most convenient for you.

The viewing trip normally includes:
- a visit to the Inter Argument office to select properties you wish to view
- viewing the properties
- if you find what you are looking for you can secure a property with a 10% deposit
 Other expenses

Depending on each property there are other expenses like: notary fees, tax, stamp duty, check on the property ownership, debts on title, etc., which are usually very low – about 3% of the property price. These are paid directly by the buyer at completion of the deal.

 Company registration fee
Foreign judicial and physical persons can acquire land via a Bulgarian registered company.

For a fee of 300£ Inter Argument can help you organize this once you have decided to purchase. Or alternatively for a fee of 600£ you can authorize Inter Argument to register a Ltd company in your name and conduct the purchase on your behalf.

Please note that the company must prepare and submit annual tax declarations as well as keep accountancy books.

Therefore, we have a qualified local accountant to take care about the company’s books.

( NB This fee is for the service Inter Argument offers only and does not include state taxes and other property related expenses.)
 If you want to sell
Please fill in the form with a description of your property and your asking price. We offer tailored services to every client.
 If you want to advertise your services
Please contact us to find out about the costs involved if you want to advertise your services. A member of our team will contact you to discuss your requirements and advise you on possible options.
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