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In mountain
In ski resort
On the Sea
In Black Sea Resort
Mineral wather & In SPA
In Village
In City
1 bedroom flat
2 bedroom flat
Under 10 000
10 001 - 20 000
20 001 - 30 000
30 001 - 40 000
Over 40 000
House Flour
Town of Plovdiv, Old town
House floor,
160 sq.m., 1 floor
code 00401
185,000.00 EU
Plovdiv District, Sokolitca
57 dk.,
code 10-Г-1
85,000.00 BGN
Plovdiv District, Zelenikovo
80 dk.,
code 10-Г-2
500.00 BGN
Town of Plovdiv, Centre
103 sq.m., 6 floor
code НК 15
131,500.00 EU
Plovdiv District, Trud
4370 sq.m.,
code 10-Г-2
22.00 EU
Plovdiv District, Trud
2000 sq.m.,
code 10-Г-3
25.00 EU
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There is a lot of talk about international property investment at the moment and Bulgaria is certainly deserving its fair share of attention. So why is Bulgaria a great place to invest in? Here are some of the reasons that make this country such a desirable destination:
    1. Property prices are currently some of the cheapest in Europe and last year rose by over 30%
    2. Extremely low cost of living for those holidaying or retiring here
    3. Seasonable climate and dramatic country ranging from sunny beaches to stunning mountains. Bulgaria has some of the most beautiful and diverse countryside in the world
    4. There are more than 40 000 cultural and historical sites that have been recognized as nationally or internationally significant
    5. Bulgaria has recently joined NATO
    6. Scheduled to join the EU in 2007
    7. Politically stable
    8. The currency is stable and linked to the Euro
    9. No pollution – organic food and a traditional lifestyle
    10. Eco-tourism is the fastest growing sector in world tourism
    11. The Romans, Macedonians, Thracians and Turks have brought and left a colourful history and culture
    12. Interest in Bulgaria’s heritage is set to boom
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